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Pairing Wine and Food

Pairing wine and food can be rather intimidating. Is it okay to serve Pinot Noir with fish? Does Chardonnay go with steak? What do you pour with a pizza? No need to panic—we’re here to help demystify the process so that you can wield your corkscrew with confidence.

Newman’s Own Winery Favorite Recipes

Winery Chef James Houghton prepares three of his favorite recipes that pair exceptionally well with Newman’s Own Wines. These recipes use Newman’s Own food products to save you time but still create an amazing meal with natural, high quality ingredients

Bombolina Baked Chicken

over Rigatoni paired with Newman’s Own Cabernet Sauvignon. Rich and delicious, this dish is easy to prepare, can be prepped ahead of time, and everyone will enjoy it.

Grilled Chicken Paillard with Mango and Lime

paired with Newman’s Own Chardonnay. Learn secret chopping techniques for an onion, mango, and cilantro while preparing this delicious grilled chicken dish that can be prepared on an indoor grill.

East Meets West Grilled Scallops and Shrimp Kebobs

paired with Newman’s Own Pinot Grigio. If you like Scallops, you will love this recipe. If you don’t like Scallops, you will love this recipe. Eastern and Western flavors collide to produce an incredibly flavorful marinade for Scallops and Shrimp.

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