Now the meal is complete.

More than 25 years ago, Paul Newman created his first product—a salad dressing he mixed up for friends and neighbors in his basement. Packaged in old wine bottles with parchment labels, the salad dressing was a surprise hit, and Newman’s Own was born.

Over the years, Newman’s Own launched pasta sauces, popcorn, salsa, pizza and even a line of organic foods. But something was missing at the table: wine.

But what did we know about wine, anyway? Sure we had experience drinking it, especially in the old days when we needed the bottles for our salad dressing, but we didn’t have any experience making it. So we turned to our friends at the Rebel

Wine Company to help us craft some high-end California wines, something that we would be proud to serve to our friends and families.

Today, Newman’s Own crafts world-class Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Red Blend from grapes sourced from premier vineyards throughout California. “We’ve come full circle. We’re back to wine bottles, but this time, we’re filling them with wine that will complement my salad dressing and pasta sauce. Wine was the only thing missing at dinner time—now the meal is complete,” Paul Newman said in early 2008.

Indeed it is. Here’s to you, Paul!

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